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How Historic Districts Allow Density Without Demolition: Two Videos.

Portland is growing and our city needs more housing. Does that mean our city should let developers demolish our historic neighborhoods? NO!

Historic District allows density without demolitions of historic houses. Accessory dwelling units, additions, and new housing units within existing houses, are all ways that a historic district can offer more housing options, without destroying the history, beauty, integrity, and urban tree canopy of these neighborhoods.

Three historic Portland neighborhoods are currently seeking historic designation designation. Eastmoreland's nomination is under review by the National Park Service, Peacock Lane has recently filed its nomination, and Laurelhurst is raising funds to start preparing its nomination.

In this video, the City of Portland Historic Program's manager explains how a National Register Historic District protects historic houses from demolition. He also talks about our Laurelhurst effort. Our thanks to videographer Brendan Heise and presentation host Old Portland Hardware & Architectural.

This video, from a presentation earlier this year in Eastmoreland, also explains how historic districts protect historic houses from demolition, while allowing a natural, compatible increase in housing. Our thanks to videographer Bob Schlesinger.

And don't miss this video from a developer, who explains how he can profit from demolishing houses in historic neighborhoods. Credit again to Bob Schlesinger.

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