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Historic District Map Is Online

The city of Portland has added the Laurelhurst Historic District to its online map of historic resources.

Blue lot indicate contributing, yellow lot indicates non-contributing. Red and yellow circles mean the house is on the city's original 1984 Historic Resource Inventory, which doesn't have anything to do with the Historic District. Blue circles mean the house is an individually listed historic landmark. The arches and Joan are marked, as is Laurelhurst Park which was listed as a Landmark in the National Register in 2001, the first municipal park to be so designated.

What is the little strip of historicity extending south from Stark? That's Peacock Lane! Portland's Christmas Street was listed on the National Register of Historic Places about a year before Laurelhurst.

This mapping was derived from the historic survey data, which gives more information. This link will take you to the Nomination which contains, at the end, the final survey dated 12/2018.

Notice: we've been alerted to at least one error in the map. For now, please consider the map a work in progress and consult the historic survey data to confirm the status of a specific house as contributing or not. If you find any errors in the map, please let us know.

You'll see the historic district does not include all of the original Laurelhurst plat or all of the modern-day (city-recognized) Laurelhurst neighborhood. Here's what is not included and why:

- Sandy Blvd and the north-west corner of Laurelhurst above Sandy. These were in the original plat. However, there is almost nothing historic left on that part of NE Sandy, as the original houses were demolished when Sandy was widened in 1939 and converted to commercial use. There are many contributing houses on Wasco, Clackmas, and Halsey, but historic districts have to be a single continuous area (National Register rules).

- Former north-east corner of Laurelhurst. This area of the original plat, including the former Chico St north of Senate St, was all demolished for the freeway.

- Two blocks west of NE 32nd/33rd. These two blocks of the original plat are now in the modern-day Kerns neighborhood, not represented by the LNA.

- East side of SE 32nd from SE Ankeny to SE Stark. The original Laurelhurst plat ended mid-block, although modern-day Laurelhurst extends to 32nd.

Update: the city has been correcting and enhancing the map. For example, the Laurelhurst district's boundary is now purple which means "No Historic Resource Review" [design review]. Check out the map legend for details.

If you have questions about the map or the historic district, please contact

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