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The State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation Will Review Laurelhurst's Nomination on Oc

October 19 will be a big day in Laurelhurst's history.

The State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation (SACHP) will come the the Laurelhurst Club for its two-day working meeting. On the second day, around 2:00 pm on October 19, the SACHP will review Laurelhurst's nomination and decide whether to approve it. Here's the agenda for the meeting. Check the LNA's website for updates on the time of the Laurelhurst review.

This is critical. We need the SACHP's approval for the Historic District process to proceed.

Come support our Historic District! Testify to the SACHP. Show the committee how important it is to preserve Laurelhurst's historic houses and urban forest for future generations.

These historic houses have been standing for a century, and they will stand for centuries more - if they aren't demolished and "redeveloped".

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