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A Walking Tour of Laurelhurst

Would you like to learn more - a lot more - about the history, events, origins, and personalities of the early years of Laurelhurst? How about taking a pleasant walk for an hour or so on the winding streets and park paths of Laurelhurst? With an engaging companion who never runs out of stories to tell?

You're in luck. Laurelhurst resident Amelia Shields has created two audio walking tours of Laurelhurst. The first tour starts and ends at Laurelhurst School and takes you throughout the two north quads. The second tour starts in Laurelhurst park and covers the south part of the neighborhood.

Narrated by life-long resident Katy Pozarycki, these audio tours follow picturesque routes through this historic neighborhood as it was a century ago.

The take the tours, go to the LNA website and click the Walking Tour link. The audio files can be played directly from the website, and the map is on page two of the scrollable PDF immediately following the audio links. (Note: the first few minutes of Tour Part 1 is "blank", a technical glitch that we'll fix. Until we do, the audio file starts at 5:25 which corresponds to stop #2 on the route.)

Far more than merely an accompanying map, the PDF is a fascinating read in itself. We recommend printing it from the website, for easiest reading.

Amelia Amelia researched and produced this walking tour as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest level award a Girl Scout can earn. It requires a minimum of 80 leadership hours toward the completion of a project to better the community. The Gold Award allows a girl scout to develop leadership skills, be seen as a role model, master time management skills, and make the world a better place.


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