Who Are We?

We are your neighbors in Laurelhurst.  We love our neighborhood, with its quiet streets, mature tree canopy, century-old houses in traditional Portland styles, small and large.  

Dozens of Laurelhurst residents are now working together in the Historic Laurelhurst group to protect and preserve our neighborhood from demolitions and incompatible infill development.  For more information, please contact the following Laurelhurst residents:

NW Quad leader - Michael Booker, MD.  Mike is a family medicine physician, in private practice.  You can contact him at JWraleighworld@gmail.com.

NE Quad leader - John Deodato, BSME. John is a chief engineer-product development.  He has lived in Laurelhurst since 1995.  You can contact him at johndeodato@gmail.com.

SW Quad leader - Keith Comess, MD, FACC.  Keith is a cardiologist, with a background in clinical practice and research.  You can contact him at kacomess@gmail.com.

SE Quad leader - Seth ("Chip") Rosenfeld, MD.  Chip is an internal medicine physician.  You can contact him at chiprosenfeld@gmail.com.


To send a general email to the group, please use historiclaurelhurst@gmail.com.  Thank you!


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