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The Next Demolition In Laurelhurst (Again)

The last time we wrote about a demolition in Laurelhurst, it was a 1921 bungalow bulldozed for a 34 foot tall, 4,900 sq ft luxury duplex.

This time, a 1922 bungalow on Hassalo will be demolished, to build a "McMansion".

Oh, wait.

Not "will be demolished", but "was demolished". It only took a day. By the time neighbors got home to take pictures, the little bungalow was a pile for the landfill.

The developer bought this Laurelhurst bungalow for $330,000 in February 2018. The bungalow needed work. It could have been a "fixer-upper" for a young family. But it is hard to compete with developers' cash offers.

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