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Laurelhurst Nomination Posted On SHPO Site

The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) has posted the Laurelhurst nomination documents to its website.

Click the image above to go to SHPO's site, where you can find this map of the district.

The district includes the current-day Laurelhurst neighborhood, with these exceptions:

- Sandy is not included. On Sandy, almost all the original historic buildings were demolished for commercial development and street widening.

- The area north of Sandy is not included. A historic district is required to be one contiguous and connected area; there cannot be disconnected "islands". Because Sandy is not included, the blocks north of Sandy could not be included, even though the houses here are among the oldest in Laurelhurst.

- The east side of SE 32nd between Ankeny and Stark is not included. This was not part of the historical Laurelhurst plat.

The SHPO page also has links to the Nomination and the survey data.

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