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City Confirms Demolition Review, No Design Review In A Laurelhurst National Register Historic Distri

The City of Portland has posted about the possible Laurelhurst Historic District here:

The city explains that, if Laurelhurst is listed as a Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places, the district will be protected by "demolition review".

Consequences of Listing

In Oregon, resources listed in the National Register are subject to demolition and relocation protections and are eligible to participate in certain local, state, and federal incentive programs. Oregon Administrative Rule 660-023-0200 provides the demolition and relocation protections for National Register resources in Oregon. These protections are enforced locally by the Bureau of Development Services.

However, National Register listing will not subject the district to "design review".

Listing in the National Register will not subject a Laurelhurst Historic District to Historic Resource Review. Historic Resource Review, sometimes called historic design review, is a land use review that is required for some alteration, addition, and new construction projects affecting historic landmarks and districts. Historic Resource Review was automatically applied to National Register resources listed before Jan. 27, 2017. Due to recent changes in the State Administrative Rule, a separate local adoption process is required before Historic Resource Review can be applied to resources listed in the National Register after Jan. 27, 2017. There is no timeline for when—or if—Historic Resource Review would be proposed for a Laurelhurst Historic District.

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