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"Laurelhurst Races Against The Wrecking Ball", Says The SE Examiner

Which of Portland's newspapers has reported the most often and in the most detail on the Residential Infill Project? It is the Southeast Examiner.

This local newspaper, which much of Laurelhurst receives weekly, has been punching above its weight on this topic. Most of Portland's media has ignored RIP, which seems odd. 70% of the city's single family house neighborhoods are being effectively re-zoned to multiple occupancy dwelling zones, over the opposition of almost all of those neighborhoods, to create infill housing that no-one thinks will be "affordable". And most of the town's papers don't think it is worth real in-depth reporting?

Fortunately, one paper is digging and writing. Now the SE Examiner has turned its reporting to the topic of historic districts, with this article: Laurelhurst Races Against The Wrecking Ball.

From the historic district effort in Laurelhurst to the historic district effort and opposition in Eastmoreland, from the looming Residential Infill Project to the latest changes in state historic protection law - it is all covered there. Happy reading.

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