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Intensive Level Survey Report Submitted

Another part of the nomination process is researching the history of some representative Laurelhurst houses and preparing an Intensive Level Survey report. A dozen neighborhood volunteers did this work, with help from the LNA's consultant, and the report has been posted to the LNA's website.

Read about:

  • The house of Dr Henry Coe, for whom Coe Circle is named

  • Where the term "swimsuit" came from and how Laurelhurst was involved

  • Heritage Trees in Laurelhurst and how the neighborhood was designed in connection with the park

  • Our neighbor who has lived in the same Laurelhurst house since the house was built

  • The English cottage in our neighborhood built entirely with All-Oregon products

  • An example of the many ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in our neighborhood

  • One of the most famous builders of mid-century modern houses in Portland, who started his career in Laurelhurst

  • The race to be the very first house built in Laurelhurst

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