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Developers Say: Make RIP Be 5,000 sq ft Quadplexes In Every Neighborhood

With the Residential Infill Project (RIP) headed to hearings at the Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) in May, we will be writing a lot about RIP in the coming month.

RIP as currently drafted is a sweeping re-zoning of 70% of Portland's single family house neighborhoods to permit duplexes or triplexes on every lot.

For what RIP will mean for Laurelhurst, read this. For what RIP will mean if Laurelhurst becomes a historic district, read this. For everything we've written about RIP, go here.

But the developers are pushing for RIP to go even farther. The Portland Small Developers' Alliance is lobbying for RIP to allow

Quadplex (building with four units)

5,000 sq ft or larger

35 feet tall or higher

minimal setbacks to street

plus a fifth unit, as an ADU

on every lot in every residential neighborhood in Portland

This basically means there will be no more single family house neighborhoods left in our city. Every neighborhood will be "redeveloped" to small apartment or condo buildings.


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