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You Did It! Fundraising Done!

The Historic District effort reached another big milestone last week.

You and many hundreds of your Laurelhurst neighbors successfully raised the $60,000 needed to do the historic district survey and write the Nomination!

Over the last 5 months, many dozens of your neighbors, led by the LNA's Fundraising Committee, sold "Laurelhurst" caps, pins, and T-shirts, manned tables, organized raffles, donated wine and prizes, put on the November "Fundraising Comedy Night", addressed and stuffed envelopes, and made phone calls. We are grateful to the many hundreds of your neighbors, and other Portlanders, who heeded the appeal and donated, some again and again.

We had a deadline of March 31, and you did it.

We'll come together on May 16 at Migration Brewing to celebrate this milestone. Come raise a glass (Migration has food too) and learn what's next for the Historic District effort.

Stay tuned for details!

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