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The Survey Work Is Moving Fast, And We Need $17,000 To Finish.

The Historic District work is moving fast!

The rest of the SE quad has been surveyed and the preliminary data is available on the LNA website here as well as an online form to add/correct information on your house, here.

The NE quad survey is almost done. Look for that preliminary data on the LNA website soon.

The consultants and volunteers will soon start the NW quad survey. That is the biggest quad, in terms of number of houses, so they have decided to tackle it now. Look for the brightly-clad consultants, neighborhood volunteers, and UO graduate student volunteers, on your street! Here's our project leader, Kristen Minor of PMA, during a recent training session:

The SW quad will be the last one surveyed. We expect the entire field survey to be completed in late March or early April.

Then the consultant will write the Nomination and submit it in June. We have to meet that deadline to get our nomination reviewed at the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation (SACHP) October 2018 meeting. If we don't meet that deadline, the Historic District effort will be delayed. The SACHP review will slip into 2019 and our listing wouldn't happen until much later in 2019.

Here's the thing . . . the LNA's Historic District Fund has only enough money to fund the work through the third quad (NW quad). It has almost enough to fund work through the last quad (SW quad). It does not have enough money for the consultant to start writing and submitting the nomination.

The LNA's Historic District Fund needs another $17,000. It needs that money by March, to meet the deadlines necessary to get Laurelhurst listed as a Historic District by the end of 2018.

Here is the donation link.If you would like to support the Historic District with your tax-deductible donation, now is the time. Every donation, of any amount, helps.

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