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Handout on Residential Infill Project As Applicable To Laurelhurst

Here is a handout that shows exactly what changes the Residential Infill Project will make to zoning in Laurelhurst. Clicking the image will open the full handout in a PDF.

RIP will permit duplexes and triplexes up to about 3,750 sq ft on a 5,000 sq ft lot (including habitable semi daylight basement, which is not counted in the RIP's size limit) and up to 30 tall (potentially about 36' to the roof peak). Plus a 750 sq ft detached ADU, for a total of about 4,500 sq ft of dwelling per lot.

Here are charts that compare this RIP-permitted structure to the existing size and height of houses in Laurelhurst.

The blue line shows the median or "50th percentile" size and height of existing houses. Median means that 50% of houses are smaller/lower than the green line, and 50% are larger/taller.

The yellow line shows the 75th percentile size and height. That means that 75% of houses are smaller/lower than the blue line. The orange line shows the 90th percentile.

The red line shows where the RIP-permitted size/height would be.

RIP will rezone about 98% of existing lots in Laurelhurst. The portion of the neighborhood north of Sandy is not covered by RIP, because that area is already zoned high density residential/R1, which means one unit per 1,000 sq ft of lot (i.e. 5 units permitted per 5,000 sq ft lot).

RIP contains special provisions for historic districts, and National Register Historic Districts will have demolition and design protections as well. More about this in a later article.


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