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Podcast Episode About the Laurelhurst Historic District Effort

The Laurelhurst Historic District got some podcast attention!

The podcast is Keeping Kurrent. The podcaster, who lives near Portland, covers a variety of topics in weekly episodes. To listen to his podcast on Laurelhurst, click below:

For those who have been followed the Historic District effort for some time, all this will sound familiar. But if your friends, or neighbors newly arrived in Laurelhurst, want to know what the historic district effort is all about, point them here.

For more about some of the topics addressed in the podcast:


Density without demolition:

Remodeling in historic districts

Our neighborhood's support for historic district

The work necessary for the historic district nomination:

Our fundraising for the historic district nomination work:

Residential infill project - re-zoning coming in 2018

To listen to other Keeping Kurrent podcasts, click here.

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