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Laurelhurst's History In Colors

When we saw this map, it looked like holiday lights, wrapping paper, tinsel and presents.

Look closer. The colors in this map show how

Laurelhurst grew over the years. ​​

Here's the legend for this map.

Brown is 1910 and earlier

Dark green is 1911-1913.​​

Dark blue is 1914-1918, the years of the Great War.

Light blue is 1919-1924, the start of the Roaring '20s.

Red is 1925-1929, the peak years of the Boom.

Yellow is 1930-1940, the Great Depression. ​​​​

Pink, light green, purple, and gray are later years.

Here are the NW and NE quads. Can you find your house?

Here are the SW and SE quads.


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