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A Thank You To Our Sponsors . . .

Our Standup Comedy Fun-Raiser night is just a few days away, on Friday Nov 3. If you haven't gotten your ticket, please do as they are selling fast. Buy tickets at the LNA's website. A limited number of tickets may be available at the door.

Special thanks to our sponsors. These local businesses care about our neighborhood and about protecting Portland's historic places.

Archiform is one of Portland's premier builder-remodeler of historic houses.

Sylvanus Estates is one of Laurelhurst's wineries - come taste on Friday.

Music Millennium needs no introduction, do they?

PDX Anesthesia makes medical care . . . restful! Locally owned in Laurelhurst.

Bow & Arrow is another Laurelhurst family owned winery - we'll enjoy their wines as well.

Meat is the best friend of many a neighborhood pet.

Finally, thanks to our special guest. Restore Oregon is our state's leading force for historic preservation. From spearheading this summer's fight against HB2007 to saving the Jantzen Beach carousel, Restore Oregon helps keep Oregon . . . Oregon.

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