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Panel Discussion on Historic Districts On Nov 11, And More

Some informative events are coming up at the Architectural Heritage Center.

Local And National Register Historic Districts: A Panel Discussion

Nov 11, 10:00 am, free admission

Historic districts in Portland have been a frequent and at times controversial topic of public conversation in recent months. This panel is an opportunity to examine the many issues surrounding historic districts from different perspectives. Joining the discussion will be Ian Johnson, Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, who will provide a statewide perspective on historic districts; Brandon Spencer-Hartle, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, who will speak to local historic districts; representatives from neighborhoods involved in the historic district process; and members of the AHC Advocacy Committee. Through this discussion, we hope to clarify what historic districts are and are not, better understand the questions that people on all sides of the landmark designation issue have raised, and perhaps even find some common ground.

Researching The History Of Your House

October 28 10:00 am, $12

Have you ever wondered who lived in your house before you? Or maybe even who built it? What was your neighborhood like when your house was first built? How has it changed? Researching the history of your house can answer many of the questions you might have.

Please join us as historians Tibby O’Brien and Morgen Young take us through the steps to uncover the history of your vintage house (as well as most any other building). Using the latest online sources, local archives, and libraries, they will show you that the process is not so mysterious when you know what steps to follow and where to look.

This workshop is held at the Architectural Heritage Center - 701 SE Grand Avenue.

Space is limited. Pre-registration is recommended

To learn more and register, please go to the AHC's website.


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