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Fundraising Progress Report

About two weeks ago, the LNA kicked off its fundraising for the Historic District. Historic Laurelhurst volunteers are helping! Here's where we are so far.

Dozens of Laurelhurst neighbors have contributed by purchasing "Laurelhurst" clothing from the first Booster campaign.

We have two more Booster campaigns going on right now, one for new "Historic Laurelhurst" shirts and hoodies, and one for the original "Laurelhurst" T-shirt. Order soon, these boosters close October 12!

Over 30 Laurelhurst neighbors have made tax-deductible donations to the LNA's Historic District fund. You can donate online or by check - just go to the LNA's Donation page.

Local businesses are contributing and sponsoring the effort.

The LNA has received $12,000 in donations and pledges for the Historic District. And we've just started!

We will soon have "Laurelhurst" caps and aprons, posters and pins, and be selling tickets for the November 3 fundraising party.

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