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Historic District - Fundraising Starting!

We're in, as Nat King Cole would say, the lazy hazy crazy days of summer. But the Historic District Nomination is moving forward.

Fundraising Is Starting!

Right now, you can buy "Laurelhurst" logo clothing at the online "Laurelhurst" Booster site. Proceeds from sales will go to the LNA to help fund the Historic District Nomination. We have T-shirts, hoodies, and zip hoodies. They have the "Historic Laurelhurst" logo on the front and the original Laurelhurst "arches" logo on the back.

This selection of "swag" is just the start. Are you a fan of the original graphics from the Laurelhurst T-shirts from past decades (see below)? Would you like to buy items with that logo, or items other than T-shirts and hoodies, perhaps aprons or ball caps? Send your suggestions to

Please watch your mailbox (email and postal) for our fundraising letter, and stay tuned for more information on other ways you can donate.

Early donations are very much appreciated. Initial work on the Nomination will start in October. More about the Nomination work in a future post.

November 3 Fundraising Party!

Please mark your calendar for the November 3 fundraising party. We'll enjoy an elegant evening of entertainment, make new friends, celebrate Laurelhurst's history, and together we'll raise funds to preserve and protect our neighborhood!

The party will be at the historic Laurelhurst Club. The club was built in 1912, while the adjacent Laurelhurst Park was still being landscaped, the neighborhood was only 3 years old and only 86 of today's houses had been built. It became the social center of our neighborhood, where Laurelhurst residents came together for dinners, parties, tennis tournaments, and dances. The club has been a part of Laurelhurst's history for the past century, and is a fitting location for us to come together and protect that history for the next century.

Please consider donating to fund the Historic District Nomination. We can't do this without neighborhood support! The LNA is a 501c3 organization which allows donations to be tax-deductible.

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