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Slides From March 28, 2017 LNA General Meeting

At the March 28 LNA General meeting, LNA board members presented views in opposition to and in support of the Historic District.

The "oppose" view was presented by Joe Petrina, SW Quad rep. Joe helped defeat the historic district effort in the Buckman neighborhood and represents the opponents here. The "support" view was presented by John Liu, Newsletter Editor and Chair of the Exploratory Historic District Committee.

The meeting was videotaped; if the video is made available, we will add a link to it. In the meantime, here are the slides shown during John Liu's "support" presentation. (Joe didn't have slides.)

After the presentations, neighbors took turns making short statements in support or in opposition, and asking questions of Brandon Spencer-Hartle, Historic Program Manager for the city of Portland. Brandon provided clear, factual, and unbiased answers and his presence was very much appreciated.

Photo above by Scott A. Tice

Photo above by Scott A. Tice

Photo above by Scott A. Tice

Note: these slides were edited to delete addresses of neighborhood houses.

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