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Join The Historic District Petition Campaign

The Laurelhurst Historic District petition campaign is forging ahead. During December and January, many dozens of Laurelhurst residents spoke to their friends and neighbors, distributed flyers and information sheets, and manned tables at neighborhood events. Several hundred of your neighbors have already signed our Declaration of Support!

If you want to sign the petition, add your voice, and help persuade the LNA to protect our neighborhood, please visit SUPPORT.

This is a grassroots effort of Laurelhurst homeowners and neighbors, trying to protect the unique, historic, and irreplaceable neighborhood we all love. We are trying to stop developers from converting our larger lots into apartment and condominium clusters. We are trying to stop our historic houses from being demolished to build duplexes and triplexes. We are trying to preserve our smaller homes for young families to buy and grow with, instead of seeing them snapped up by developers. We are trying to keep Laurelhurst the special place it is, with beautiful older homes on quiet streets.

If this is a goal you share, then please consider joining in. For Laurelhurst to be protected, we will all have to work together as a neighborhood. Please visit JOIN US and see if you'd like to help.

The Residential Infill Project zoning rules are being written now. RIP is likely to become effective before the end of this year. There is no time to waste.

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