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Video Of The September 27 Presentations

Thanks to a Laurelhurst neighbor, we are providing links to video of the historic district presentations and Q&A at the September 27 LNA meeting.

Our thanks to all of the following persons, for volunteering their time to speak with the neighborhood on this important issue.

Due to the length of the video, we have split it into nine parts.

Introduction, Constance Beaumont, LNA Board. 6:24.

Anti-Historic District Viewpoint, Joe Petrina, Petrina Construction. 9:47.

Pro-Historic District Viewpoint, John McCulloch, McCulloch Construction. 9:02

City of Portland, Bureau of Development Services, Staci Monroe. 6:34

Ladd's Addition Historic District, Joanne Stainbrook. 3:17

Wrapup and Conclusions, Dick Kuhns, President LNA. 5:31

Also, we are still looking for copies of the handouts at the meeting, to make available here. If you have those (both pro and anti historic district), please email us at

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