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Historic District Survey Completed!

A big milestone has been reached! PMA consultants, with help from volunteers from Laurelhurst and students at the University of Oregon, completed the historic district survey fieldwork on March 28.

The consultants surveyed every street and every house in Laurelhurst, as well as the Laurelhurst arches, Joan of Arc, and other structures. They took photographs, recorded the style and features of houses, and spoke with hundreds of neighbors. You probably saw the orange-vested teams carrying laptops and clipboards on your street, admiring your house. They started in November, worked through the winter, and finished on time and on budget.

The preliminary survey data is posted on the LNA's website here. The NE SE and NW quad data is available now and the SW quad data will be posted soon. Please help the historic district effort by reviewing the entry for your house and letting PMA know about any corrections or additional information using the online form here.

If you have any questions about the data, the form, or anything else about the nomination, please email

This survey data will be checked, corrected, sorted, analyzed, and submitted with our Historic District Nomination this summer.

Where are we with the overall work? Here's the progress chart:

PMA will now start writing the Nomination. Meanwhile, a group of Laurelhurst volunteers will do a (much smaller) survey of a dozen houses - that is called the "Intensive Level Survey" and we'll post more about that later.

We're not "done". Creating a historic district is a big job. Many hundreds of our neighbors have been working for years to accomplish this and we have about a year left. But take a deep breath and reflect on how far we've come.

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