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Progress Report On Nomination Fundraising

We've been reporting how much in $ dollars has been raised for the historic district nomination work. Right now we're about $36,600. But what does that mean - how much of the work have we actually funded to date?

Here's a cool chart that shows this.

Let's explain this. Our consultant, Peter Meijer Architect (PMA), is doing this work in phases, as follows:

Phase 0 - Pre-Work Phase: Background research on neighborhood, get State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) input on survey and nomination plan. FUNDED! DONE!

Phase 1 - Pilot Survey: Train initial volunteers, perform the "Reconnaissance Level Survey" (RLS) on a small part of the SE quad, as a "pilot". The goal is to test and debug the process. FUNDED! DONE!

Phase 2 - SE Quad: Train more volunteers, complete the RLS in the SE Quad. FUNDED! STARTING SOON!

Phase 3 - NE Quad: Do the RLS in the NE Quad. FUNDED!

Phase 4 - SW Quad: It's the turn of the SW Quad! ALMOST FUNDED!

Phase 5 - NW Quad: Finish the RLS, with the NW Quad.

Phase 6 - Nomination: Using the RLS data, prepare and submit the Nomination.

Phase 7 - Post-nomination: Support Laurelhurst's nomination through the SHPO review, a hearing at the State Advisory Committee on Historic Preservation (SACHP), and finally review and approval by the National Park Service.

What's the ILS phase? That stands for "Intensive Level Survey", which is a detailed history of some individual houses that, by their style or history, illustrate Laurelhurst's story. SHPO will determine if an ILS is needed. We plan to do this with volunteer research, with relatively little expense, but that remains to be determined.

So that's where we are - thanks to you, your neighbors, and some generous local businesses, we have raised enough to fund through Phase 4, and we have three phases left to fund.

Thanks to everyone who has donated. If you have not yet, please consider donating. If you can donate again, thank you for considering it.

This is up to us. Together, we can protect Laurelhurst.

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