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Residential Infill - Media Coverage

The most in-depth coverage of the Residential Infill Project has consistently been from our smaller newspapers. Here is a recent article from the SE Examiner, RIP Follows The Money, Splits Southeast.

"While most growth is intended to land along commercial strips, side-streets in Buckman, Kerns, Richmond, Sunnyside, across Laurelhurst, into the Tabors and down through Sellwood and even Eastmoreland, (plus others on the inner Eastside) are expected to absorb the heaviest load of multi-unit residential Infill that essentially eliminates single family neighborhoods."

"“Residents won’t understand the impact of the Residential Infill proposal until it hits their neighborhood,” warned Michael Molinaro, a disillusioned participant in a citizen’s advisory committee (RIPSAC) that reviewed infill concepts."

"Comments on the discussion draft phase of the Residential Infill Project are due November. 20. For more information go to

Residents can see how their own property is impacted at"


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