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November 3 Laurelhurst Standup Comedy Fundraiser!

Inviting neighbors and friends to the Laurelhurst Standup Comedy Fundraiser for the Historic District!

On November 3, 6:00 pm at the Laurelhurst Club, we're going to come together to protect our neighborhood.

Featuring Susan Rice, called "Portland's Funniest Person" by the Willamette Weekly, and Art Krug, named by Entertainment Scene as "one of the funniest ever out of the Northwest". These veterans of clean, intelligent stand-up comedy will join Restore Oregon, the LNA, and your neighbors and friends for an evening of laughs, wine, snacks, and the latest information about our Historic District effort.

Tickets $50, buy online at (credit card, PayPal, or send a check). Space is limited, get your ticket now.

If you can't come on Nov 3, please consider donating to support the Historic District effort. We need to retain the consultant to lead the necessary work as soon as possible, if we want to become a historic district in 2018. Read more about that here.

Why the urgency? In 2018, the city of Portland will re-zone Laurelhurst and almost every single-family-residential neighborhoods between the Willamette and I-205. Read about the "Residential Infill Project" here. The city is trying to get these neighborhoods redeveloped to duplex/triplex to accommodate up to four households per lot. This sort of redevelopment means widespread demolition.

If you support protecting Laurelhurst, please contribute financially to make the Historic District a reality before it is too late.

To donate, go to and make your donation online (credit card or PayPal) or mail a check to LNA Treasurer 3734 NE Hassalo St Portland OR 97232 and note that it is for the historic district. Donations are held in a special account by the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association, and are tax deductible; you'll receive a receipt for the charitable contribution.

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