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What the City’s Residential Infill Project (RIP) Means for Laurelhurst

RIP is being voted on by the city's Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) in November 2018.  RIP will go to a vote of City Council in early 2019.  

RIP is a re-zoning of 96% of Portland's single family house neighborhoods that potentially increases permitted density by 400%.

RIP will re-zone our neighborhoods to apartment and condos.  

It will permit duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes on every lot.

As many as 80 units will be permitted on the typical block.

No off-street parking will be required.  

The new buildings can be over 5,000 sq ft large and over 30 feet tall. 

Large and double lots may have "clusters" of rowhouses and larger apartment/condo buildings.

There will be NO protection against demolition of historic houses, cutting down trees, evicting families.

There is no consideration of traffic or school capacity. 

From the RIPSAC dissenting Minority Report, Nov. 4, 2016:

The advisory committee (RIPSAC) which created this re-zoning was “overwhelmingly weighted with builders, their lobbyist, developers and industry partners”.

“If the concern is affordability, this project is a false promise. If the concern is a more walkable lively city, this is a false promise. If the concern is a reduction of house size this is a false promise, and finally if this is an attempt to reduce demolitions…well no, it is not.”   

To Learn More About RIP

See the summaries of RIP's impact on Laurelhurst and on the whole city.  These are PDFs, you can read them on your computer or print them.

See these articles on this site about RIP:

RIP's Impact On Laurelhurst

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Historic Districts And RIP

Read the LNA webpage on RIP, with the LNA's letters to the city and the LNA President's article on RIP.

Read the United Neighborhoods For Reform website.  Almost every Portland neighborhood opposes RIP.

Read the PDXisnot4sale website.  Videos, maps, information.

To Make Your Voice Heard About RIP

Email the Mayor and City Council.  The PDXisnot4sale website has a convenient link to do this.

Tell you friends and neighbors about RIP.  


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