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Your neighbors, sharing their reasons for supporting Historic District. 

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"Portland’s Laurelhurst, a shared landmark that has survived with merely a trickle of change, is now on the brink of irreversible change."  

Brad McKenzie, Laurelhurst NE

"I have been a Laurelhurst resident since 1981 and bought my present home in 1985.  One of the reasons I chose to live here is because of the character of the neighborhood.  Once houses are demolished to make way for duplexes, triplexes, and skinny homes, we will forever lose the beauty of this neighborhood."  

Tanya Baikow-Smith, Laurelhurst NW

"With its winding streets, mature tree canopy and distinctive blend of Period Revival and Arts and Crafts influenced residences, Laurelhurst ranks as one of the top historic neighborhoods in Portland."
 Eric Wheeler,  Architectural Historian

“Sustainability starts with preservation. The historic Laurelhurst neighborhood represents an enormous resource that can be made efficient and actually help conserve resources and save energy as it is.  Don’t believe the developers that you have to tear down homes to deliver comfortable and efficient homes.  It simply isn’t true.”

Greg Lasher, Laurelhurst SE, Residential Sustainability Consultant

"Laurelhurst is a treasure in the heart of the City of Portland.   The quality and historic nature of many fine homes in Laurelhurst must be preserved and not destroyed by the Residential Infill Project (RIP).  Our only hope to save this treasure of a neighborhood is historic designation.  It's time to do this and follow our other east side neighborhoods, Ladd's Addition and Irvington."

Dan Bagwell, Laurelhurst NW

"We have an ace-card to play that almost no other neighborhoods have.  Playing this ace-card makes sense.  Most homeowners in single-family neighborhoods can do nothing but accept Portland’s new RIP codes.  Laurelhurst is one of a few neighborhoods that can fight back by gaining the protection of a Historical District.  This designation won’t exempt the neighborhood from the codes, but it will require that any new construction look like all of the old construction, instead of some cheaply-made square box.  More importantly, it will add one more barrier against my street becoming filled with duplexes and my corner lots becoming triplexes.  There are some minor inconveniences that go along with a Historic District, but the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences."  

Mike Parrott, Laurelhurst SW

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