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Slides And Notes From August 30 SHPO and City Meeting

On August 30, the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) held a public meeting in Laurelhurst to inform residents about the Laurelhurst Historic District nomination.

We will post video and notes from the meeting here, shortly. For now, we have the slides presented by SHPO and by the City.

Here is the City's slide that answers the main question asked by neighbors. Click the image to see the entire slide deck.

As explained by BPS, in a Laurelhurst Historic District all contributing houses will be protected from demolition by "demolition review".

(What about garages? BPS is writing new rules that will make it easier to demolish garages. These new rules are expected to be effective in 2019.)

There will be no "design review", meaning no restrictions on remodeling, additions, ADUs, new windows, solar panels, etc. You can read more about this at the City's webpage:

Here is the SHPO slide that explains the timeline and path ahead.

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