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Slides From The AHC Panel On Historic Districts

Laurelhurst was represented at the recent panel discussion on Historic Districts, held at the Architectural Heritage Center. If you couldn't attend, see the AHC's blog post on the panel for a synopsis of the discussion and to download the presenters' slides.

The slides about Laurelhurst's Historic District effort are here.

Portland is growing. With that growth comes a need for more housing. The role of historic preservation in a growing city is now in the spotlight.

Should our older, historic buildings and neighborhoods all be torn down to build blocks of apartment buildings? Most of us would say "no".

Should historic buildings and neighborhoods stand apart, try to wall themselves off from change and Portland's need for housing? Most of us would also say "no".

The AHC panel explored the alternative, which many call "gentle density" or "density without demolition". Historic buildings and historic neighborhoods can do their part without submitting to the bulldozers.

In historic districts like Irvington and Ladd's Addition, as well as in Laurelhurst, housing is being added through accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and adding internal units, without tearing down century-old houses.

Portland is growing and changing. With Historic District, that change can be gentle and compatible, like the image above. Without Historic District, that change will be destructive, like . . .

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